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dance classes


This is a fast paced, funfilled session especially designed to keep little ones on their toes. From partner dancing, learning routines, playing games, stretching and parachuting.......ANYTHING can happen in this class. A brilliant way to spend fun time with your little one whilst developing their movement skills and confidence.

Age 4+

For children aged 4+ this class is an excellent bridge between our Tiny Tots class and Primary classes.  Whilst we still aim to keep the classes fun and friendly we also introduce more structure in terms of choreography and dance exercises. This progression is made slowly over the year as we move away from game based exercises and start thinking about our performance.

P1- P3

A slightly more formal class with bundles of energy. Over the last session we have danced to One Direction, Little Mix, Frozen and Madagascar.


We work hard at improving concentration, coordination and perfromance skills whilst keeping it lively and fun!

P4- P7

Still great fun but a more challenging class to suit the age range. At this stage we begin to introduce contemporay dance whilst still enjoying our more commercial pop styles.

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